Career and Technical Education Pathways


The application procedure for full-time non-degreed teachers of Career and Technical programs shall be the same as the procedures for other full-time instructional personnel. An applicant who meets all the requirements will be issued a district Career and Technical Educator Certificate.

Teaching Assignment

A holder of a certificate based on nonacademic preparation which entitled him or her to employment to teach classes in career or adult education shall not be assigned to teach in a regular academic field of the kindergarten through grade 12 school program. F.S. 1012.43 (2)

Contract for Employment

Initial Employment

Non-degreed and degreed full-time teachers of Career and Technical Education programs will be issued a temporary three-year non-renewable Career and Technical Educator Certificate.

Temporary Certificate Requirements

During the first year of employment…

  • Demonstrate successful teaching performance by completion of the Educator Support Program (ESP), and
  • Receive satisfactory instructional evaluations.

During the validity period of the three-year non-renewable temporary certificate, non-degreed teachers must take and successfully complete twelve semester hours of college credit earned at an accredited and approved institution.

  • Three semester hours in teaching methods,
  • Three semester hours in course construction,
  • Three semester hours in lesson planning and evaluation, and
  • Three semester hours in teaching special needs students.

Professional Service Contract and Professional Certificate
A professional service contract shall be issued to non-degreed and degreed full-time teachers of Career and Technical Educator programs upon successful completion of the third year of employment and the related requirements.
A five-year District Career and Technical Educator Professional Certificate will be issued to the teacher if the requirements listed under “Temporary Certificate Requirements” are successfully completed and demonstrated.