HR PeopleSoft for Charter Schools


PBCSD Charter Processes

As Charter Schools are required by Florida Statute to report their Staff Data, all Charter School employees must follow a PBCSD Charter Hiring Process prior to entering the Staff Data into the District's HR PeopleSoft system. Listed below are the guides needed to complete the process.


Training Resources

Listed below are the Training Manuals, guides, and video presentations associated with the HR PeopleSoft process. As these are updated on a regular basis, please remember to check back, regularly, for the most current version.



Listed below are the forms needed for HR PeopleSoft processing. (Please note: Mainframe/PeopleSoft access forms are available under the Quick Links section on the main Charter website.)

Certification Team

Pursuant to sec. 1002.33 and 1012, Florida Statute, teachers must be properly certified, and per the Federal No Child Left Behind Act, they must be highly qualified for the core courses they are assigned to teach. Teachers must be eligible for hire in order to be placed in an instructional position.

The Certification Team is available to answer questions regarding the potential employee's Certification/HQ qualifications, provide assistance with the Certification Application process, and assist with Charter Certification-related issues. Certification information, process documents, and guides can be found above, on this website, and on the main Certification website.


call-1436737_1280 The HRIM Team is available to provide PeopleSoft guidance and assistance with the HR PeopleSoft processes below. The HRIM team can be reached via phone (561.434.8331) or via email (

  • Updating Employee Biographical Data
  • Entering and Updating Employee Job Information
  • DOE Staff Survey Reporting
  • Running Employee Data Queries
  • Input of New School Principals into the HR PeopleSoft system

Charter Employee HR Process Overview

Step 1

Complete the Charter School Authorization form process. 
Must have signatures for each section based on the position (instructional/non-instructional).

Step 2

Enter the job into the HR PeopleSoft System.
The job must exist in the HR PeopleSoft System at least one business day before the employee is available in the SIS/Student Information System.

Step 3

Call the IT Service Desk at 561.242.4100 (Option 2) to get set up with Basic Access to District Email and eLearning.*
*Note: eLearning will only be available if your school is participating with the District's Professional Development program.