Choice Transportation Zones

Transportation Zones for Students in a Choice Program

Choice Program students may receive transportation regardless of their proximity to the Choice school. Parents must provide transportation to the closest bus stop in order to be eligible. Bus stops will only be available within the Choice Transportation Zone for each school and additional stops will not be created.

Bus stops to Choice schools may be limited and located significantly farther from the student’s home than transportation to the student’s home school. Additional bus stops will not be created for students who reside within the choice transportation zone regardless of the student’s proximity to the nearest stop. Students who live outside of the Choice Transportation Zone may attend the Choice school if they provide their own transportation to and from:

    1. school
    2. nearest school bus pick-up location within the transportation zone

Note: Additional stops will not be created for students who reside outside of the Choice Transportation Zone and who are traveling inside of the zone to access transportation. Students must travel to an established stop to receive transportation.

After-school Activities

After-school activity buses may be provided for middle and high school Choice Programs to enable students to participate in extra-curricular activities at the school where they attend if the appropriate numbers are met. Parents are encouraged to contact the Choice Program Coordinator at the school for more information on transportation.

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