Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   If I apply in November rather than at the end of the application deadline (Friday, December 2, 2016: For all audition based Arts programs including: Bak Middle School of the Arts (all programs), The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach (Symphony Orchestra-grades 6-8), Boynton Beach High School Arts programs (Dance, Digital Media, Music-Band, Music-Keyboard/Piano, Music-Vocal, Theatre, and Visual Arts, and A.W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts; Friday, January 27, 2017: For all Choice programs other than the Arts programs listed above) does that mean I have a better chance of getting chosen in the lottery?
Answer: No. Applications are not rank ordered.  It is a totally random selection lottery. An applicant in January has the same chance as an applicant in November.

Question: Is it true that if I pick a second choice this decreases my chances of being selected for my first choice?
Answer: No, identification of a second choice does not decrease a student’s chances of being selected to the first choice.

Question: If I pass the audition for BAK/Dreyfoos, do I still have to go through the lottery?
Answer: Yes, all students who pass the audition are eligible for the random selection lottery.

Question: If a Choice program is offered at my child’s zoned school (In-SAC), do I still need to apply for this program?
Answer: Yes, lottery applicants include In-SAC and Out of Boundary (OOB) students. Students must apply for Choice programs at their home schools with the exception that all students can apply to the following full Choice schools:

  • Dreyfoos SOA
  • Bak MSOA
  • Don Estridge MS
  • Suncoast HS
  • Morikami Park ES
  • Northboro ES
  • Poinciana ES
  • S.D. Spady ES
  • Village Academy

Question: If I apply online do I still need to submit a hard copy application?
Answer: No, only one application (online or hard copy) can be submitted.

Question: Can I apply for a like-themed program at another school?
Answer: If a program is offered at your home school (Choice on In-House), you cannot apply for the same program as your first Choice at another school with the exception of the full Choice programs listed above.  You apply for the program, not the school. You can choose another Choice program as a second choice selection.

Question: Do I have to reapply every year?
Answer: If you are not selected in the lottery, you complete a new application the next year. Applications do not carry over to the next year. Once you are admitted to a Choice program, the student remains in the program until he or she reaches the highest grade level offered by that school. They must reapply only for the next level (Grade 5 to 6 or Grade 8 to 9).

Question: Is transportation provided?
Answer: Transportation is provided within designated Choice Transportation Zones. Bus stops may be limited and located significantly farther from the student’s home than transportation to the student’s home school.

Question: Is my child automatically enrolled at my Choice school if their older sibling is already there?
Answer: No, there is only a sibling preference in the lottery if the older sibling is currently attending the school and will attend the next year.  Please see Choice and Career Options Information guide (Page 4 in the Choice booklet).

Question: Can I appeal if I am unhappy with my child’s audition scores?
Answer: An Application for Appeal (PBSD 2418) lists specific criteria for appeal. Appeals are only accepted for a technical problem or alleged inequity during the audition process.

Question: If I live in a Priority SAC area is my child guaranteed a seat at that school once I apply?
Answer: No.  Please see Choice and Career Options Information guide (Page 4 in the Choice booklet)  for the Priority SAC selection preference in the lottery.

Question: What is the best/safest way to apply for the Choice Program?
Answer: Save time, money, and receive an immediate confirmation via e-mail when you apply online at