Opportunity Scholarship Program

The Florida Department of Education’s Differentiated Accountability (DA) Plan is a school improvement system that ensures all students receive the support necessary to reach high academic standards.  The plan includes several accountability measures which result in a school grade.  Unfortunately, the number of points Gove Elementary School and West Riviera Elementary School received based on the FY17 FSA results caused the school to fall into at least one low-performing category defined in the DA Plan.  Therefore, Florida law requires us to notify all students who are assigned to attend Gove Elementary School or West Riviera Elementary School for FY18, may be eligible to participate in Florida’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. Under the Opportunity Scholarship Program, students registered to attend these two schools may elect to transfer to a higher performing public school in Palm Beach County.

Notifications were mailed to all parents/guardians of eligible students during the week of July 24, 2017. See below for copies of the notification letter and application for school transfer. Transportation will be provided if the student resides more than two miles from the school.

If you are currently zoned to attend Gove Elementary School or West Riviera Elementary School FY18 and choose to transfer your child to a higher performing public school in Palm Beach County, please click on the link below that identifies your current zoned school. The deadline to request transfer is Friday, August 4, 2017.  Late applications WILL NOT be considered.

For questions regarding the Opportunity Scholarship Program, please contact the Department of Choice & Career Options at 561-434-8755 or visit www.palmbeachschools.org/ choiceprograms/osp.

Opportunity Scholarship Documents