Celebrate Love the Bus Month

School District bus driver standing near a school butFebruary is Love the Bus Month and the School District of Palm Beach County is proud to join the American School Bus Council in celebrating our Transportation Department employees.


All transportation employees, including bus drivers and bus attendants, play a critical role in ensuring student success. The most crucial learning hours of a school day are the morning hours and because of our staff, we can report 92% of students who ride a bus arrive 10 minutes before the bell and 98% arrive by the first bell.


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Sixty-thousand students travel by bus in Palm Beach County and collectively our buses travel more than 13.2 million miles per year.


We are encouraging students, parents, teachers, and administrators to share pictures and stories about the impact their favorite driver or transportation employee had on them, through Twitter @TSDPBC and @WeLoveTheBus #LoveTheBus

We will celebrate our drivers during the week of February 10-14, 2020. Here are some suggestions for school sites to participate in Love the Bus Month:


February 10 - You're the best part of waking up! - Coffee and granola at the bus loop.

February 11 - Ride a Route Tuesday! - Invite administrators to join drivers on the road. Put a statement on your marquee to express your appreciation for drivers and attendants.

February 12 - Thank you for making us smart Cookies! - Cookies and fruit at the bus loop.

February 13 - Donut know what we would do without you! - Donuts and Milk for Drivers and Monitors.

February 14 - You're the Sweetest! - Give drivers any promotional item featuring your school's logo, as well as a note to say that they are valued members of your school community.

The School District of Palm Beach County