Exceptional Student Education (ESE) FAQ

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Meetings
Are we having IEP meetings?
Yes, IEP meetings are being held using video conferencing and the telephone.

How do we hold IEP meetings?
The District is using the Google Meet app for video meetings. You can also attend by telephone. The ESE Contact at your child’s school needs to be sure all needed people are able to attend when you are available.  

When can we have IEP meetings?
When a meeting is scheduled, a written invitation called the Parent Participation Form (PPN), will be emailed to you. Meetings are usually scheduled 2 weeks in advance to give you proper notice. IEP meetings must be within one year from the previous IEP meeting. Parents and teachers can also request IEPs meetings at any time throughout the year.

Parents were given the choice to attend IEP meetings using Google Meet or the telephone or postponing the IEP until face to face meetings were permitted again. Some IEPs went past their due dates. All students continued to receive ESE instruction and services even if the IEP was overdue.

How do I sign the IEP and get copies?
Remote participation in all IEP meetings will be documented in the meeting’s notes. The ESE Contact will type on the signature page to document that team members participated via phone or video conferencing. The completed IEP can be emailed to parents.  

What do I do if I want to participate in an IEP meeting but I speak a language other than English?
Community Language Facilitators (CLFs) will attend IEP meetings using video conferencing or by phone and translate what is said. If a CLF is not available, schools can call a translation service called the Language Line.

Can I go to the school to have my IEP meetings?
No, school campuses are closed until further notice. IEP meetings have to be held using video conferencing or the telephone. 

How do I ensure that my child's IEP requirements are being met?
Please call or email the ESE Contact or Principal at your child’s school when you have concerns or questions. They will help verify if services and accommodations that are needed are being provided.


What do I do if I would like my child to be evaluated?
Please email or call the ESE Contact at your child’s school to make the request so we have a record of the date and time the request was made. A team meeting will be scheduled to discuss and document your request. Some parts of evaluations may be able to be done while in distance learning. Due to the pandemic, face-to-face evaluations are postponed. This will be discussed at the team meeting.   

How do I give consent for placement and ESE services if initial ESE eligibility was determined?
The eligibility decision and discussion of recommendations for services and placement will be written in the conference notes. All documents can be emailed to the parents.

ESE Services and Support

How are ESE services going to be provided?
ESE services are provided using video conferencing, telephone, and through Google Classroom. Many curriculum materials are available online through the District website.  Distance learning plans will be developed with the parents for each ESE service needed. Daily live instruction is expected using video conferencing and/or the telephone.
See below for examples.

  • Counseling as a Related Service: Counseling will occur using video conferencing or the telephone. Counselors will be contacting families to schedule sessions.
  • Support Facilitation (within general education classroom):
    General education teachers will collaborate with ESE service providers in their Google Classrooms.

How will my child receive his/her accommodations?
There are accessibility features (e.g., speech-to-text, Screen Reader) built into the Google platform. Help is also available through the District At-Home Learning Resources website

What support will be provided for ESE classrooms?
Students should be participating in daily activities with their teachers and/or ESE service providers through their Google Classrooms. Curriculum is available online and can be accessed through the District website portal and student login. Service providers will be contacting parents to discuss individual Distance Learning Plans.  

How will my child receive academic services and support from their ESE academic service provider?
ESE teachers provide direct services to students and are collaborating with general education teachers to support students with disabilities. 

Distance Learning

What will distance learning include?
Distance learning will include daily live instruction through video conferencing or the telephone and other learning activities. If your child is unable to participate during live meetings, lessons will be recorded so they can be watched later. Assignments and projects will be posted in Google Classrooms or sent by email. Small group sessions or work on a document can be done in real time using Google Suite for Education tools.
Some students with disabilities will need the support of family members to facilitate distance learning.  Parents are encouraged to call or email the teacher or service providers to work together to provide the best possible learning in this distance situation. 

What if my child doesn’t know their email address?
Parents can call or email the school and ask for help with getting to their child’s district email and portal.   You can also go to the District website for how-to videos for logging into the portal (available in all languages).

Contact Information

Who should I contact with questions?

North Region ESE Office
ESE Coordinator- Ms. Janice Coe
Central Region ESE Office
ESE Coordinator- Ms. Theresa Padro-Morel
561-868-5311( for Spanish)
South Region ESE Office
ESE Coordinator- Ms. Kelley Fisher
Glades Region ESE Office
ESE Coordinator- Ms. Amy Brown
Charter Schools  
ESE Coordinator- Ms.Summer Parr-Bochicchio

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