Sports/Extracurricular Activities Update

Sports/Extracurricular Activities Update
Posted on 07/24/2020

On July 23, 2020, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) held a second emergency board meeting to discuss and vote on the official start date for fall sports for all of its member schools.
During this meeting, the Association's Board of Directors voted to push back the start date of fall sports from July 27 to August 24 at the earliest.
As part of the motion, the Board of Directors will meet again between August 10 and 17 to review current data and information from its Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, as well as to further discuss the potential of beginning fall sports on August 24.


If the August 24 fall sports start date is approved at the next FHSAA Board of Directors meeting, it will be the first allowable date for member schools to begin official fall sports practice. Schools and school districts will still have the authority to determine whether or not it is safe for their community to re-engage in athletic activities at that time.
The School District of Palm Beach County is continuing to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in our community. Currently, the County remains at the Phase One level of reopening. District-wide participation in athletics and conditioning, as well as all other extracurricular activities, is on hold until further notice.  

The District will continue to re-evaluate information as it becomes available, and the opportunities for our coaches and student-athletes to return to sports participation.

The School District of Palm Beach County