District to Offer Course on Prejudice and Power

District to Offer Course on Prejudice and Power
Posted on 07/28/2020
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The School District of Palm Beach County will submit a new middle school-level Social Studies course for approval to the Florida Department of Education.

Entitled Prejudice and Power: A Discourse on Race and Ethnicity in the United States, the course will give students the opportunity to engage in dialogue about topics such as structural racism and race as a social construct.

Additionally, the course explores the history of institutionalized racial and ethnic discrimination that denied certain groups privilege and full human rights under the law.

Areas of study within the course will include explorations of slavery, segregation, immigration policy, eugenics, and criminal justice, along with other important relevant subjects. A major focal point of the course is analyzing how racism is predicated on divisiveness and power.

Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the course is designed to help students engage in constructive conversations that lead to increased knowledge and understanding. Teachers will act as facilitators, delivering content and concepts through individual and small group work, wherein students can comfortably share their efforts, personal experiences, and thoughts.

“Through education, we have the opportunity to create a just society by educating our youth about the role that they have in dismantling structures founded on racism, prejudice, and discrimination,” said Brian Knowles, Manager of African, African American, Latino, and Gender Studies for the School District.

If approved by the Florida Department of Education, the course will be added to the state’s Course Code Directory and available to all school districts throughout Florida.

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