Board Meeting Health/Safety Protocols During the Pandemic

Board Meeting Health/Safety Protocols During the Pandemic - For Persons Entering the Building

A. When the Board is meeting virtually if allowed by law:

If the Board provides a room(s) or area(s) during a pandemic, for the public to attend in person the Board meeting, these protocols shall be followed for virtual meetings:

  1. Health/safety protocols can be found in Board Policy 1.03 found on BoardDocs.
  2. Temperatures will be taken upon entrance in the method prescribed by the District.
  3. Individuals, as they enter the building, are required to use hand sanitizer and answer standardized screening question
  4. A person will be denied entrance if his or her body temperature is in excess of the temperature established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) Guidelines in effect at the time (currently if it exceeds 100.4), failure to agree to have one’s temperature taken in the method prescribed by the District, or failure to use hand sanitizer. If that person requests to provide public comment and this occurs before the start of the Board meeting for that comment, the person will be instructed to email the comment to the Board Clerk at that time.
  5. Face coverings are required to be worn at all times. Facial coverings should cover the person's nose and mouth and comply with the CDC recommendations. All face coverings (whether disposable or reusable) must: be made with at least two (2) but preferably three (3) layers of breathable material; fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face and be secured with ties or ear loops allowing the persons to remain hands-free. At this time, based on guidance from health authorities, neck gaiters, open-chin triangle bandannas, and mesh material, valves or holes of any kind are not acceptable face coverings. Facial coverings are in addition to, and not a substitute for, the required social distancing.
  6. The District will provide a facial covering if needed. However, if the person does not wear a facial covering,the person will be escorted to a separate room or area with others not wearing masks and where the person can watch and listen to the meeting and provide public comment if signed to speak.
  7. All members of the public and staff must wear a face covering to address the School Board Members face to face, except for those in the room or area for persons without facial coverings and they will be addressing the Board virtually.
  8. Social distancing must be practiced and the rooms and areas are limited to the number of people allowed by law or CDC guidelines. Further, the rooms or areas are limited to the number of people allowed by law or CDC guidelines.
  9. Members of the public and delegates may speak per the procedures in Policy 1.03, by speaking in the room(s) or areas where they can see and hear the Board and the Board can see and hear them. Public comment will also be received by timely leaving a voice recording message or email as provided in the Notice for the meeting and Policy. Any person interested in additional information may contact the Board Clerk by telephone or email as stated in the public notice.
  10. Members of the public will be escorted from the building when they wish to leave or the meeting is over.
  11. Additional and/or revised protocols may apply in the future if warranted and those would be posted here on this site.
  12. These health/safety protocols, unless stated otherwise, apply to all persons, including employees and Board members, attending the meeting in person or in the District administrative building. The Plexiglas screens will be in place between the Board members, however, facial coverings must be worn by the Board members whenever they are moving around and not speaking at the dais.
  13. Near the beginning of the meeting, the Chair shall announce that the health/safety protocols must be followed or the person may be removed.
  14. Failure to follow the protocols may be cause for removal.

B. For in-person meetings during the pandemic, the same health/safety protocols apply to the public and all persons attending the meeting.

  1. The public would be able to attend in designated portions of the Board room, subject to social distancing and CDC and State maximum occupancy limits and guidelines, unless they do not wear facial coverings.
  2. For overflow, persons will be escorted to separate room(s) or area(s).
  3. Minimal staff will be physically present at the meeting beyond those who sit at the dais with the Board.
  4. Only essential personnel (those needed for the actual meeting flow, technology, and support) will be permitted in the portion of the Board Room in close proximity to the School Board Members.
The School District of Palm Beach County