Drafts Under Consideration

On June 2, 2021 the first draft of themes, goals, and measures was shared with members of the public and the School Board during a Strategic Plan Workshop (the draft was also made available in Spanish). The first draft represented several months of collaboration by the District's Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Insight Education Group. It was also heavily informed by Phase 1 Survey results, which gave District employees, parents, students, and community members an opportunity to provide initial feedback on what the District should start, stop and continue as part of its next strategic plan. The survey had over 28,000 responses and was open for three weeks (March 22, 2021 - April 9, 2021).

The District, in partnership with Greenway Strategy Group, conducted student and community engagement in March 2022 - April 2022 to solicit feedback on the draft plan.

The feedback received from the School Board, students and their families, District employees, advocacy groups, and other community members led to the draft under consideration below.

Draft Strategic Plan - May 4, 2022

Formal School Board approval of the District's new strategic plan is anticipated in July 2022. Once the plan receives approval, District staff will begin to share the proposed implementation next steps with all stakeholders.

Thank you for your continued engagement in this process!

The School District of Palm Beach County