School Security Update Letter to Parents

School Security Update Letter to Parents
Posted on 12/17/2021
A messageDecember 17, 2021

Parents and Guardians,

The School District of Palm Beach County and other districts across the country have seen an increase in threats of violence circulating on various social media platforms, including TikTok. Currently, there is a video circulating on TikTok nationally, encouraging violence in schools.

While there are no specific threats to any District schools, please know that School District Police are fully aware of this trend, and ready to respond immediately if that situation changes. The District takes each and every threat directed towards our schools and members of our school communities very seriously.

School Police also work in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to closely monitor the situation, actively assess any threats to our schools, and respond immediately as needed to help keep our schools, students and staff safe.

Maintaining the safe school environments our students and staff deserve takes all of us working together.

Here’s how you and your students can help:

Please talk to your children about the importance of reporting any threats of violence to a trusted adult, school administrators, or through the Fortify Florida or SaferWatch app.

They should not participate in, or promote, any threats of violence. Making a threat against a school is a second degree felony in Florida.

In addition to criminal consequences, posting threatening language on social media violates the Student Code of Conduct which could lead to expulsion from school.

Supporting the safety and well-being of our students and staff is one of our most important shared responsibilities. By working together, we can help deter these threats and the emotional impact they cause so our schools can continue to focus on helping our students learn and grow.

Thank you.
The School District of Palm Beach County