Available School Positions

If you are interested in any of the positions listed, please forward your letter of interest and resume to the Hiring Manager. If your qualifications meet the current hiring needs, you will be contacted for an interview.

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Barton Elementary Denise Sanon 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade Math, 3rd Grade ELA, ESOL Guidance Counselor, ESE Resource Teacher, ESOL Resource Teacher
Bear Lakes Middle Dr. Kirk Howell ESE VE, ESE ASD, Social Science, Math, and Reading 
Belle Glade Elementary  Robera Walker ESE Resource, 4th Grade ELA, 4th Grade Math, AMP 
Boynton Beach Community High  Dr. Anthony Lockhart Geometry, Algebra I, 2- Tch High School Reading, 2-Tch Sec Social Science, 1-Tch Vocational 6-12 (Culinary), 1-Tch Voc Health Occup District, 1-Tch Voc Fam Con Sci Cert (Early Childhood),
Carver Community Middle  Shannon Grice ESOL Guidance Counselor, Guidance Counselor, 8th Grade Science, 6th Grade World History, 6th Grade Science, ESE Support Facilitator, 8th Grade Language Arts, Pre-Algebra  
Congress Middle  Denise O'Connor  English Language Arts, Science, Physical Education, ESE VE, ESOL, Math 
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary  Katrina W. Granger  EBD - K-3 & EBD - 4-5, EBD Teacher, EBD/EH Paraprofessional, BA, Art Teacher, Media Specialist
Glades Central Community High  Melanie Bolden-Morris  English, Biology, Earth/Space Science, Reading, 2 Math (high school) 
Gove Elementary  Kim Thomasson  3rd Grade Spanish Teacher, ASD K-2 Teacher, ASD/IND 1st Grade Teacher, ASD/IND 3rd Grade Teacher, ASD/IND 4th Grade Teacher, ESE Self-contained, IND/ASD, ESE VE, 6th Grade ELA/Reading 
Grove Park Elementary  Marzella Mitchell  3 possibly 4, 5th Grade Math, (2) Kindergarten, 3rd Grade ELA, Intermediate Math/Science (2), Intermediate ELA/SS (2), Primary Teacher (2), .5 ESE Coordinator/.5 ESE VE teacher, .5 ESE Teacher, Custodian, BIA
Heritage Elementary  Nina Lant Interim Music, Interim Primary (2 positions), Interim 4th Grade
Highland Elementary  Elena Villani  3rd Grade Self-Contained, 4th Grade ELA/SS, 5th Grade ELA, Science, ESOLK-5, CLF Spanish, Paraprofessional
Hope Centennial Elementary Lakeisha Nathan  PreK-ESE, PreK Paraprofessional, Kindergarten, Fifth Grade Reading (ELA), Fourth Grade Reading ELA (Dual Language English), Fourth Grade ELA, Third Grade ELA, Third Grade ELA (Dual Language English - Teacher does not have to teach in Spanish), Third Grade Self-contained, 1 Second Grade (Self-Contained), ESE Coordinator, Guidance Counselor, 1 Guidance Counselor (Bilingual ESOL), 2 ESOL Teachers (Collaborative Model) 
Howell L. Watkins Middle  Dr. Presley Charles  Math 6-8th Grade, Science 7-8th Grade 
Indian Pines Elementary  Jill Robinson  ESE Teacher, Interim Primary 
Jeaga Middle  Anthony G. Allen  6th Grade Language Arts, 7th Grade Language Arts, 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science, 8th Grade Social Studies 
John I. Leonard High  Jesus Armas  English, Math, Science, Culinary, School Counselor, Finance/Computers
L.C. Swain Middle  James Thomas  ELA, ESE/ASD, 6th ELA, 8th Science, Social Studies, 8th ESOL ELA, Math
Lake Worth Community High  Elvis Epps  Biology, Physical Science, English ESOL, VE, IND, Math: Algebra I and Geometry, Math Resource Teacher, Social Studies positions (2), Reading 11th grade 
Lantana Elementary  Janyn Robinson  ASD, Kindergarten, Math & Science Resource Teacher,  2nd Grade, 3rd Grade Math & Science
Lincoln Elementary  Alicia Porter  Music, ITSA, three K-5 Teachers, Reading Recovery Teacher, 3rd Grade (Reading Certified), 4th grade (Math/Science), 5th Grade Math & Science, ELL, Reading Recovery, Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, SAI
Morikami Park Elementary  Yayi Sun
(561) 894-7330
Afterschool Program: Senior students, College students, Future teachers, or anyone that loves working with children.
Northgrade K-8  Nicole Patterson  3rd Grade Gifted, 3rd Grade Regular Teacher
Northmore Elementary  Cory A. Friess  3rd Grade ELA Teacher, 0.5 SAI, Kindergarten Teacher, Academic Tutors (6 hours daily, M-F), Cafeteria Aide (3 hours daily)
Orchard View Elementary  Danielle Garcia  4th Grade (Math/Gifted preferred but not mandatory), 3rd Grade All Subjects, and ASD Self-Contained 
Pine Grove Elementary  Shauntay King  3rd Math, 4th Math, 5th Math, K-2 SAI, Acceleration Teacher 
Rolling Green Elementary  Allyson Manning  Pre-K (3 year old), Grade 2, 3rd Grade ELA, 4th Grade Math, 5th Grade Math, ECP, School Counselor, Bookkeeper, Paraprofessionals 
Roosevelt Elementary  Sharonda Alleyne  Gifted, Guidance, Music, Band, ESE Contact, 3rd grade, ELL Teacher, CLF, Paraprofessional, Gifted 
South Grade Elementary Ana Arce-Gonzalez 3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher, 4thGrade Homeroom Teacher, SAI Reading Position, Guidance Counselor ELL, Math Enrichment Resource Teacher, Accelerated Math Resource 
Starlight Cove Elementary  Kimberly Jules 5th Grade ELA, Kindergarten, Guidance Counselor 
Washington Elementary  Vernicka R. Murray  Teacher Elem Gifted K-3, Teacher Supp Academic Inst, Teacher Elem Resource 
West Gate Elementary Claudia Mejias  EBD/ESE Teacher, 2nd Grade ESE Teacher (Self-contained), 3rd Grade ESE Teacher (Self-contained), 4th Grade Teacher (Dual-Language/Spanish), Head Start VPK Teacher 
West Riviera Elementary  Dr. Alisha McKnight  Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, ESOL, ESE, SAI, Elementary Reading, Elementary Resource

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