IB Middle Years Programme (6–10)

IB Middle Years Programme
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (6–10)
The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) is for students in Grades 6-10 and provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills appropriate to this stage of adolescence. The IBMYP offers a holistic approach that emphasizes critical thinking skills, global citizenship and intercultural awareness as well as traditional school subjects.

The curriculum consists of eight subject groups integrated through six interactive areas providing global contexts for learning: 
1) Identities and relationships
2) Personal and cultural identity
3) Orientations in space and time
4) Scientific and technical innovation
5) Fairness and development
6) Globalization and sustainability. 

The eight academic subjects required in Grades 6-8 of the IBMYP are:
1) Language and Literature (English)
2) Language Acquisition (additional World Language)
3) Mathematics
4) Sciences
5) Individuals and societies  (Social Studies)
6) Arts
7) Design (Technology)
8) Physical and Health Education.

In Grades 9 and 10, students take courses from six of the eight subject groups according to each IB high school's IB course pathway.

Middle Schools Offering the IB Middle Years Programme:
Carver Middle (Coordinator: Nadia Stewart)
Conniston Community Middle (Coordinator: Jeanette Gonzalez)
H.L. Watkins Middle (Coordinator: Shari Alexios)
John F. Kennedy Middle (Coordinator: Patreka McKelton)
Pahokee Middle (Coordinator: Sonia Soto-Granville)

High Schools Offering the IB Middle Years Programme:
Atlantic Community High (IB Pathways; Coordinator: Holly Oran) 
Course Sequence
Forest Hill Community High (Coordinator: Barbara Malone)
Course Sequence
Pahokee High (Coordinator: Ayako Hasegawa
Course Sequence
Suncoast High (Coordinator: Brett Stubbs)

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