Program Sites

Bak Middle School of the Arts Shakendra Moorer 561-882-3870
Bear Lakes Middle School Sparkle Williams 561-615-7700
Boca Middle Community Middle Jose Ramos 561-416-8700
Carver Community Middle Angela Barnes 561-638-2100
Christa McAuliffe Middle Kelly Michel 561-374-6600
Congress Middle Shayla Johnson 561-374-5600
Conniston Community Middle Eric Fasone  561-802-5400 
Crestwood Middle Duana Daniels 561-753-5000
Don Estridge High Tech Middle Cassandra Joyner 561-989-7800 
Eagles Landings Middle Rochelle Gonzalez 561-470-7000 
Emerald Cove Middle Tom Fredrickson/Michael Accorto 561-803-8000
Howell L. Watkins Middle Clara Visconit/Dmasha Nicholson 561-776-3600
Independence Middle Tom Kraemer 561-799-7500 
Jeaga Middle Dorothy Vereen 561-242-8000
John F. Kennedy Middle Mildred Thompson 561-845-4500
Jupiter Middle Kathy Davis 561-745-7200
Lake Shore Middle Les'Tina Frazier-Rumph 561-829-1100
Lake Worth Middle Cristelina Milan 561-540-5500
Lantana Community Middle Fred Wilson 561-540-3400 
LC Swain Middle Farah Francois Upperman 561-649-6900
Loggers' Run Community Middle Mandy Corbett 561-883-8000
Okeeheelee Middle Guillermo Rojas 561-434-3200
Omni Middle Amy Brookes 561-989-2800
Osceola Creek Middle Delores Johnson- Mayes 561-422-2500
Pahokee Middle Gloria Ford 561-924-6500
Palm Springs Community Middle Sean Ashworth 561-434-3300
Polo Park Middle School Kevin Theroux/James Ring 561-333-5500
Roosevelt Community Middle Olivia Brown 561-822-0200
The North Conservatory Shameka Shelton/Rebecca Patterson 561-494-1800
Tradewinds Middle Daunte Fields 561-493-6400
Village Academy Pamela Tyler 561-243-6150
Watson B. Duncan Middle Nicole Childs/Rachel Ellis 561-776-3500
Wellington Landings Middle Mary Baldwin 561-792-8100
Western Pines Middle Liz Jimenez 561-792-2500
Woodlands Middle School Gene Antolino 561-357-0300

The School District of Palm Beach County