SAC Chairs are encouraged to view all presentations with the SAC membership.

Purpose of SAC (11 mins.) & PDF 
Overview of the reason schools have SACs

SAC Governance (9 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of the laws that govern SAC

Attracting and Maintaining SAC Membership (7 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of strategies to recruit and maintain SAC Membership

SAC Membership and Officers (10 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of roles and responsibilities for SAC Members and Officers

SAC Election Procedures (7 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of the processes and procedures when electing SAC Officers

SAC Bylaws (5 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of the various topics and guidance in establishing your SAC Bylaws

SAC Meetings (11 mins.) & PDF  
Overview of how to conduct SAC Meetings

SAC Minutes of Meetings (6 mins.) & PDF 
Overview of the requirements regarding taking and maintaining SAC minutes

Budget and Funding Revenues (10 mins.) & PDF 
Overview of SACs responsibility regarding funding and budgets

2015 Open Government Overview PowerPoint
Florida Attorney General Training Website for Florida Sunshine Law

The School District of Palm Beach County