Sheriffs Program

Palm Beach County Jail
"Restoring Bright Futures"

Program Description
The Palm Beach Beach County Jail provides supervision of the youth in a safe, secure, and humane environment.

Student Eligibility Criteria
Students in DJJ/Youth Service Programs are:

  • Students who have been court-adjudicated to a detention, commitment, rehabilitation, or day treatment. Commitment means any facility where the courts have adjudicated youth or have recommended placement.
  • In varying levels of commitment, and are awaiting trial or sentencing, or who are deemed neglected, dependent, or delinquent.

The Palm Beach County Jail is not a DJJ program however, the educational model follows one similar to that of a DJJ facility.

Palm Beach County Jail

 Mr. John Nealy
Assistant Principal
(561) 688-3000 ext. 2372
Fax: (561) 841-0113

The School District of Palm Beach County