Full-Time Enrollment

How to Apply to Palm Beach Virtual School Full-Time

Application for full-time enrollment for 2022-2023 is now open.

 Click this link to complete the enrollment application

To find out more about Palm Beach Virtual School, please visit the links at the bottom.

PBVS full-time provides a fully accredited, online, public school education option for students in Palm Beach County. Students complete online/virtual classes from home, August to June, and follow The School District of Palm Beach County calendar.

Palm Beach Virtual School is a full-time Palm Beach County choice public school program.

PBVS FULL-TIME student requirements:

  • Participate in all state standardized testing **in-person** as required by state statute
  • Have provided transportation for all required on campus events
  • Attend **in-person** orientation
  • Complete a full course schedule (5 courses elementary / 6 credits secondary)
  • Determine a daily schedule to complete a given weekly pace chart
  • Consistently submit quality work each week to stay on pace in all courses
  • Have daily dedicated access to a computer and internet
  • Are motivated, independent learners
  • Complete pre-set course curriculum through self-directed online learning
  • Meet the following Eligibility Criteria (link)

Please use the links to view program information and sample lessons before choosing your virtual program:

  1. PBVS Elementary (grades K-5) - Virtual education for elementary students is delivered through our district partnerships with K12-a Stride Company and Edgenuity Virtual Academy. https://www.k12.com/online-public-schools/k-8-program-courses/sample-lessons.html
  2. PBVS Franchise of FLVS (grades 6-12) - the district franchise powered by Florida Virtual School offering a wide selection of Florida standards-based courses that utilize engaging, interactive lessons and content. https://www.flvs.net/online-courses/course-tours
  3. PBVS Edgenuity Virtual Academy (grades 6-12) - standards-based instruction using interactive tools and engaging multimedia to ensure students build content knowledge and essential skills. https://www.edgenuity.com/student-experience

 2022-2023 Parent Notification Letter - English
2022-2023 Parent Notification Letter - Spanish
2022-2023 Parent Notification Letter - Haitian Creole
2022-2023 Parent Notification Letter - Portuguese

You can find more information about the individual grade level program options at the links below.

The School District of Palm Beach County