Working with industry partners, the goal is to provide paid on the job experiences to middle and high school teachers during the summer. Teachers who participate have a greater insight into how their curriculum is connected to the real world and return to a classroom ready to inspire students to continue their study in STEM subjects.

Maureen Wilt, Co-Chairperson
Senior Education Program Manager
Florida Power & Light

Hernando Nieto, Co-Chairperson
Systems Engineer & Analysis Project Leader
Aerojet Rocketdyne

Academic and Career Pathways
Discover the many pathways to post-secondary education and careers. When students are given the academic preparation, direction, and career-related knowledge, they can plan studies and gain experience that is aligned to their interests, abilities and career goals to ensure success in the 21st century.

Nancy Kinard, Chairperson
Former K-12 Mathematics/Science/STEM Curriculum Manager
School District of Palm Beach County

Developing student-led robotics and innovation programs that will lead to the creation of a perpetual pipeline of creative STEM talent within our region is the mission of this committee. Students of all ages can participate through schools, camps, after-school programs and other organizational partners in these project-based-learning activities.

Shane Vander Kooi, Co-Chairperson
President & Founder
Green Mouse Academy

Kate Arrizza, Co-Chairperson
Chief Executive Officer
South Florida Science Center & Aquarium


By connecting STEM professionals with students, the goal is to inspire the next generation and impact the community. It provides an opportunity for youth to develop a friendship with a role model and develop better life skills. Mentoring offers a fun, safe, and structured opportunity for children with a focus on STEM-related activities.

Tina McNutt, Co-Chairperson
 Department Director
Community Partners

Oreste Giusti, Co-Chairperson
Component Product Engineer
Aerojet Rocketdyne

The School District of Palm Beach County