General Rules

During each round of the Battles of the Books, team members may consult one another, but cannot refer to personal or published notes or to copies of the actual books used in the competition. Audience or coach participation is prohibited and results in disqualification.


Each round of the Battle of the Books will have a minimum of two adult officials present at the competition at all times:

  • the Sponsor must serve as the Moderator-Game Host
  • the Referee

An official may not officiate in the same room in which his or her own child is participating in a Battle round.

All officials should clearly understand the process, procedures, and rules of the rounds of play.



The Grand Battle of the Books will take place 'live' at The Education Network [TEN] at 505 South Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 so long as the TV studio is available.

Officials from the School District will staff the Grand Battle. Their duties include staffing each round with a

  1. Moderator-Game Host to ask questions,
  2. Referee to judge any challenges to questions and answers 
  3. ScoreKeeper to keep the competition score
  4. Timekeeper to keep the time

The following will be available for the judging staff: a stopwatch or clock, a copy of the Grand Battle rules, a score sheet and a pencil; a copy of each book title found in the competition and a set of questions with the answer code.

The district judging staff will

  • provide questions as needed for the Battle,
  • settle any challenges that are raised and
  • tabulate points from all the rounds to declare the winners.

A complete set of the book titles used in the Battle of the Books competition for all three divisions will be available at the Grand Battle of the Books for reference if there is a challenge.

The School District of Palm Beach County