Choice Programs by School

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Choice programs include the K–12 Arts continuum, K–12 International Baccalaureate continuum, K–12 Dual Language continuum, elementary and secondary Cambridge Academy programs, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs at all levels, and elementary Montessori, STEAM (STEM + Arts), Environmental and Animal Science, and Health and Wellness programs.

Programs designated as "In–House" are available only to students who are zoned to attend the school with that program. Applications to In–House programs are highly encouraged because they increase the probability of student assignment to the program. All Choice and Career Academy programs require a Choice application and selection through a Choice lottery process. These programs are available to all students, regardless of zoning. If the student is applying for a Choice program that is offered at his/her zoned school, the zoned school program may be listed as the first choice.

The School District of Palm Beach County