Mwa Me se Mwa Eritaj Ayisyen - ME 2017...../.....May is Haitian Heritage Month - MAY 2017

Mwa Me se Mwa Eritaj Ayisyen. Se mwa selebrasyon istwa ak kilti pèp peyi Ayiti. Se mwa omaj pou kontribisyon peyi ak pèp Ayiti pote nan listwa limanite apati de istwa pa l ak batay li menmen pou libète nan lemond. Mwa Eritaj Ayisyen selebre plizyè kote nan peyi Etazini kote genyen yon popilasyon Ayisyen ki enpòtan.

May is Hatian Heritage Month. This is the month to celebrate the history and the culture of Haiti. This is the month to honor the contributions made by the Haitian people to the history for the world through its history and its fight for human freedom in the world. Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated in several regions in the United States where there is a significant Haitian population.

Haitian Heritage Month Dancers

Dance Group Dayana Dolne
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Celebrating Haitian Heritage Month

City of Lake Worth Raised Haitian Flag   May 18, 2010


First Haitian Heritage Month Resolution by the School Board of Palm Beach County in 2003 approved by all the members of the board - April 2003 Board Meeting

May 2003 School District of Palm Beach County Haitian Heritage Month Resolution JPEG

Brief History of Haitian Heritage Month in the United States

In the United States, Haitian Heritage Month is the celebration of Haitian history, culture and the contributions of the country and its people to the history of the world. It started in the 1990’s in the New England area, especially in Boston, Massachusetts, where several Haitian organizations and media celebrated the month with a series of programs and activities. The month-long commemoration included events like parades, flag raisings, and exhibits organized by the Haitian-Americans United, Inc. (H.A.U.).

Haitian Heritage Month is an expansion of the Haitian Flag Day celebration on May 18. Also, May is the month of many significant national celebrations in Haiti. May 1st is Labor and Agriculture Day, May 20 is the birthdate of Toussaint L’Ouverture, the precursor of the independence of Haiti, May 17 is Teacher and University day, mothers’ day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, for Haitian Catholics, May is the month of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Celebrations started in South Florida in 2001 especially in Miami-Dade County. In 2004 and 2006 congressman Kendrick B. Meek introduced unsuccessfully a bill in the House to recognize the month of May as Haitian-American Heritage Month in the United States. Despite the failure to pass in the US legislature, Haitian Heritage Month has been honored by the executive branch of the United States government. On April 28, 2006 President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush sent a letter to congratulate the Haitian-American community for the heritage month. They organized a celebration at the White House this year. Their letter stated:
“I send greetings to those celebrating Haitian American Heritage Month.

Our nation is more dynamic thanks to the traditions and contributions of citizens of many different backgrounds. Haitian Americans have helped shape our national character and strengthen our country. This month is an opportunity to celebrate Haitian ancestry and highlight your proud history and culture.

I applaud Haitian Americans for preserving and sharing your heritage. Your efforts add vitality to our country and enhance the diversity that makes America strong.
Laura and I send our best wishes.”

In many states around the US, governors, members of state senates and houses of representatives, mayors, city commissioners, city council members, school board members, have adopted resolutions and proclamations to recognize May as Haitian Heritage Month. We can cite states like: Connecticut (Norwich) - Florida (Broward County, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Miami Beach, Miramar, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Collier County, Palm Bay) - Georgia (Atlanta) - Illinois (Chicago) - Massachusetts (Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Lawrence, Malden, Waltham) - New Jersey (Irvington, Trenton) - New Hampshire (Manchester) - New York (Brooklyn, Spring Valley) - Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) - Rhode Island (Providence) - Virginia (Roanoke).

The School District of Palm Beach County was the first governmental institutions in the county to adopt a resolution recognizing May as Haitian Heritage Month on April 23, 2003. A committee at the School District organizes every year a student essay contest where they are asked to write on a topic related to Haiti. Other activities include Art Exhibit, Poster Contest, Heritage Night Celebration, Cultural Festival, Storytelling, etc.
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