School Board Approves Revised School Calendars

The Palm Beach County School District Board has approved new school calendars for the 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school year.

Changes to the calendar will eliminate early release and late start days. Additionally, schools and District offices will be closed for the full week in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“In listening to the issues that our schools were facing, we found that there was a high absenteeism rate on those half days and in the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Superintendent Avossa. “This will hopefully address this issue and promote attendance.”

“The reaction from teachers we have polled has been positive,” said Dr. Kathi Gundlach, president of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association. “We also shared the [the proposed changes] with with our Board of Directors and representatives of our general assembly, and they gave it a thumbs up.”

Approving the calendars three years in advance, Avossa says, will allow for families to plan for holiday trips and well as manage work schedules around planned days off.

The revised 2017-2018 calendar leaves the start and ends dates of school unchanged, eliminates the floating holiday for year round employees while extending Thanksgiving holiday for schools and employees to a full week. It provides for 179 student days in the school year, which results in additional instructional time.

The expansion of the Thanksgiving holiday to a week is expected to save the District approximately $175,000.

The approved calendars are available here:

School year: 2017-2018 
School year: 2018-2019
School year: 2019-2020