Accelerated Math Program Puts Elementary Students on Fast-Track to Success

Students at Del Prado Elementary School participate in the Accelerated Math Program (AMP). Personalized learning opportunities are on the rise in the School District of Palm Beach County. One such opportunity, the Accelerated Math Program (AMP), allows elementary students who have demonstrated a gift or talent in math to advance in coursework based on their skill level rather than grade.

The AMP program was launched last year in 41 schools with the hope that students in grades 3-5 with a demonstrated ability in math would be able to hone their skills and complete six levels of math in four years. This would allow them to start algebra by seventh grade, a subject that the majority of students do not take until ninth grade.

“I think it’s important that first, you identify the kids, and also challenge them with this. Because you’re giving them that opportunity to get into programs later on, especially in middle school and high school, where these kids will be working toward college credit when they’re halfway through high school,” said Lori Paquette, an AMP teacher at Del Prado Elementary School.

AMP has expanded this year to additional elementary schools, with 2,580 currently enrolled in the program. These students will enter high school “ahead of the game”, giving them the opportunity to pursue courses in calculus and other high-level subject areas.

“When I got here two years ago, I realized rather quickly that not enough of our children are taking calculus before they graduate. Calculus is one of the number one indicators of success in college, particularly in the jobs of the future, which are in technology and science,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa.

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