School Food Service Employee at Jupiter MS Saves Student from Choking

District Employee celebrated for staving students life

Marla Jones is given roses and lauded as a hero by Jupiter Middle School faculty after saving a student’s life with the Heimlich Maneuver.

Wednesday’s sixth grade lunch period at Jupiter Middle School began as usual. Students worked their way through the lunch line interacting with the cafeteria workers as they filled their trays. But School Food Service employee Marla Jones noticed something was amiss with one of the students. As he entered the line, the student was coughing and quickly reached for a juice to drink.

“As first I thought he was joking, because he is a joker,” Jones said. But as he got closer to her in the line, she noticed that the student’s eyes had become bloodshot, his face was red and he was gasping for air.

Jones, who is a licensed certified nursing assistant,  immediately jumped in to action administering the Heimlich Maneuver. After two or three swift pumps, a hard butterscotch candy was dislodged and the child was saved from a life-threatening circumstance.

For her quick thinking and skills, the faculty and staff at Jupiter Middle School honored Jones and lauded her as a hero at Thursday’s faculty meeting.