Board Approves New Boundary for Odyssey MS, Answers Available to Frequently Asked Questions

The School Board has voted to approve a boundary change for students who are currently zoned for Odyssey Middle School. The changes will take effect in the 2018-2019 school year, and the Odyssey campus will be repurposed as South Tech Academy.

Residences that were in the boundary for Odyssey Middle School will now be assigned to either Carver, Christa McAuliffe, Congress, Lantana and Woodlands middle schools.

Q: How was this rezoning decision made?
A: The final approved study was developed based on enrollment projections, school capacity, trend analysis, school boundary assignments and other information related to demographics. The proposed changes were brought to the Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC) for review at several public meetings. Public input was welcome at each of those meetings to garner feedback and assist in the further development of proposed boundary studies. Additionally, a School Board Development meeting and Workshop were held in December prior to bringing the final plan before the Board for consideration and approval in January.

 Q: How do I know which school my child is now zoned for?
A: A detailed map is available by clicking here. There is also a list of school assignments by SAC number and housing development.

Q: How do I know my SAC number?
A: To find your SAC number, enter your address in the Find My School tool. Your SAC number will be listed at the top of your results page. The Find My School tool will be updated to reflect the new boundaries this summer.

Q: If I am still having trouble determining which school my child will attend, what should I do?
A: If you are still unsure which school your child  will be zoned to attend, please call the Boundaries Office at 561-434-8100.

 Q: How do I get information on the school my child has been assigned to?
A: Please visit the school’s website to learn more about the school. Click on the school name to be directed to the website: Carver Middle School, Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Congress Middle School, Lantana Middle School, Woodlands Middle School.

 Q: How do I know if the school is a school that I would like to attend?
A: Schools will provide individual tours to students and parents who are interested in their schools to families that schedule a tour of the school. Children who wish to see the Choice programs’ classrooms can also schedule a tour of the program’s facilities.

Q: How do I know if the school I am now zoned to attend offers electives or after school activities that I will enjoy?
A: Students and their parents may contact the school to discuss the elective options, after-school clubs, sports, and student organizations that are available for each grade level.

Q: Will transportation to our new school be available? Where can I find my bus stop?
A: Bus transportation will be available for students to their zoned schools. The routes will be adjusted to reflect the changes in the boundaries and therefore the location of current bus stops may change. Bus routes and schedules are posted prior to the start of the school year.

Q: Can my child apply to a Choice Program available at the school we are now zoned for?
A: Students who wish to apply to a Choice Program must apply by February 2. Click here to apply.

Note: In-house programs may only be selected as a first choice on the Choice application. If a student applies to a Choice program at a different school and does not get assigned through the lottery, he/she may go to his/her zoned school and inquire about the opportunity to participate in the in-house program once registered.

Q: What Choice Programs are available at our newly zoned school?
A: Carver Middle: International Baccalaureate MYP, Pre–Information Technology
Christa McAuliffe Middle: Pre–Information Technology
Congress Middle: Digital Graphic Design, Digital Video Design, Pre–Engineering,  Pre–Medical Sciences and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math (STEAM)

Lantana Middle: Band, Dance, Pre–Medical Sciences and Pre–Teacher Education

Woodlands Middle: Cambridge Academy, Pre–Culinary Arts, Pre–Information Technology
Pre–Medical Sciences** (**In-House Program)

For more information on these Choice program, click here.
Click here to apply by February 2.

Q:If we choose not to attend the school our child is now zoned for, can we apply for a Choice program at another school?  A: Yes. Choice applications are due February 2. Click here to apply. For a complete list of middle school choice programs, click here. For more information on what each program offers, click here.

Q: If I am enrolled in an existing Choice program at Odyssey, how do I continue in the same program at my new school?
A: Students who are currently enrolled in a Choice program at Odyssey (i.e. Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, or IT) may continue in the same program at another school if they are in good standing in their current program. Click here to apply by February 2.

Q: If I am enrolled in a Choice program at Odyssey, but I do not wish to continue the same program at my new school, how do I get into the same program at another school?
A: Students who wish to participate in their current program may not apply to another school if it is offered at their new zoned school.  If the student wishes to apply for a different program at a different school, submit a Choice application. Click here to apply by February 2.   

Q: What if I apply to another school’s similar program and do not get in?
A: Students who are currently enrolled in a Choice program at Odyssey Middle, can continue their program studies in the same program at their new zoned school, if offered, OR students may apply to the same program at another school if the program is not offered at the new zoned school. If not selected in the Choice lottery, The Department of Choice and Career Options will place all students in a school so they can continue their program

Q: What if I am in a Gifted Program at my school? Which school will I attend?

A: If the middle school you are zoned to go to does not have a gifted program, contact the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department at 561-434-8626 to discuss options.

Q: If Woodlands is my new home school, does Cambridge Program have to be one of the Choices on the Choice Application, to participate? Will I be shut out of Cambridge classes and just have gifted if I do not get into other Choice Programs?
A: Students wishing to participate in the Cambridge Academy (6-8) must submit a Choice program application.

Q: If I have McKay placement how does this impact my ability to participate in a Choice Program?
A:  McKay is a separate program. If a parent applies for McKay, they apply to the school in general. McKay students may participate in elective classes that are of interest to them (i.e. engineering), but they will not be a part of the Engineering Program. The only way to be a part of the Engineering Program is to apply through the Choice lottery. Keep in mind that a child’s IEP DOES follow them when they are in Choice programs. But, if a child is assigned to a school through the Choice lottery and is exited from that program, they must attend their zoned school. Students attending a school through a McKay placement may continue at the school per McKay guidelines.