School Police: Threats Against Schools No Joke, Suspects Will Face Legal Action

On Monday evening, School Police called all parents of students in the School District of Palm Beach County. If you missed the call, please read this valuable information.

“Your School Police Department works every day to ensure the safety of our 180 schools and we have been working diligently to study the details coming from the Parkland shooting to make any immediate improvements in our security protocols.

I am calling this evening to ask for your help in addressing a very frustrating trend we are dealing with here in Palm Beach County and across the state.

Since the school tragedy in Broward County we have had a handful of students making threats against schools on social media. Parents, our 152 School Police Officers are trained to respond to these threats and investigate every one as if they are real. Many of these threats are turning out to be made by students who say they were just joking. I know you will agree parents that these threats are no joke.

We will hold every individual that makes a threat against our schools accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Parents, the School Police Department is working around the clock to ensure the safety of our schools. We also need you to please take a moment to speak with your child this evening about the proper use of social media and the lasting criminal consequences that arise from using it in such a way that threatens the safety of others. We are also asking our students to be vocal in speaking out against such behaviors and reporting this type of social media and the person responsible for posting it to School Police. School Police can be reached at 561-434-8700.”