Two Students From A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Accepted Into Juilliard School of Drama

The Juilliard School of Drama’s admissions website says that each year, 18 students are accepted into their world renowned program. This year, two of those 18 students are graduates of A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

Alexia Pores of Boca Raton and Sasha Prissert of Palm Beach Gardens each got the the call that they were selected, and waiting to find out if the other was accepted required the performance of a lifetime.

Pores says she got the call from the “infamous 212 area code” and grabbed on to her best friend as she learned that her dream had come true, and Prissert admitted he had to pull over into a gas station to keep from crashing his car when he got the news. But the two of them didn’t know how to ask the other if they had made the cut.

“It wasn’t until 5:30 rolls around and I was finally too impatient to keep myself together for him. I had texted him [to see] if he’d heard anything, and he sends back ‘YES :)’,” Pores said. “It was in that moment I knew that we had both gotten into Juilliard. And we both laugh[ed] as we realize[d] we were trying to be sensitive to each other’s feelings. But in reality, we were just stalling a beautiful moment of celebration.”

And though they have been accepted to one of the most prestigious programs in the world, neither began their paths in drama. Pores says she has “been performing since as far back as I can remember,” but her passion was song and dance. It was a performance at Dreyfoos her sophomore year that made her realize that “this whole ‘play’ thing was more my speed,” she says.

Prissert, too, had a change of interest his sophomore year. “I started with visual arts. I still do that in more personal and quiet terms, but theatre is my main thing now,” he says. “I made the transition to theatre because I got to share those curiosities with other people [and] make a difference that was broader than myself. So that’s why I chose to act.”

The two have performed onstage and behind the scenes for productions at Dreyfoos, which Pores describes as a “place to flourish, discover and stretch.” And part of that discovery was to find their true calling, which just so happens to be in New York City. “I, in my bones,” Pores says, “am a storyteller.”