[Video]: Answering the Call, Officers Join School Police to Serve Students

Answering the callPalm Beach County is actively hiring 75 new school police officers to cover every school in the District, and the new recruits have started to report for duty and training.

Since the call to add more officers to the School District of Palm Beach County School Police force, officers have come out of retirement, changed professions, and even moved from other local law enforcement agencies to work directly in the schools.

Keeping our students safe at school is a specialized form of law enforcement that goes beyond responding to criminal incidents. It is more about forming bonds with students, coaching, and mentoring. In fact, having a school police officer assigned to a school who students see every day and grow to know and trust, is often what stops trouble before it begins.

Learn more about what makes school policing so attractive to trained law enforcement officers in the video below, and if you’d like to apply to join the force, visit palmbeachschools.org/jobs.