[Video]: Security Update, An Officer on Every Campus Every Day

Superintendent Dr. Donald E. Fennoy II announced Wednesday that there will be a law enforcement officer on every campus of Palm Beach County schools in time for the start of school.

School Police Chief Frank Kitzerow and Chief Operations Officer Wanda Paul gave a security update to the School Board and Dr. Fennoy during the School Board’s workshop.

The security updates included:

  • 75 new officer positions added to School Police and  nine new School Police officers were sworn in. Three more were sworn in on Thursday, and another 50 are in screening process.
  • The School District has entered into security agreements with nine local law enforcement municipalities and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to provide officers while the School District Police continues to hire and assign its own full-time officers for each campus.
  • School Monitors  who will patrol school buildings, and ensure only authorized persons are on campus will be placed at all secondary schools with enrollment greater than 400.
  • 18 security enhancement projects are in progress including: single point of entry, fences and gates, access control card readers, access control cameras/door release, security camera system enhancements, security doors, security locks and walls, protective window measures, intrusion alarm updates and radio enhancements for in-building coverage.
  • By the end of August, 15 school security projects will be completed, 20 projects are in procurement or design and 36 projects are funded, assesses and slated for initiation.