Goodbye Edline. Hello SIS Gateway! Grades, Attendance and More at Your Fingertips

SIS GatewayThe School District has a new way for parents, guardians and students to log in and get important information on academics and attendance. The Student Information System (SIS) Gateway is now available, and has replaced Edline.

SIS Gateway provides a user-friendly and mobile-friendly experience for student and parents to review schedules, attendance, assignments, assessment scores, GPA, graduation requirements, community service hours and class rank in real time.

Need to contact a teacher about a missing assignment? SIS has a one-click option to communicate directly directly from the portal. Concerned about absences or grades dropping below a certain threshold? SIS allows users to create customized notifications to alert users. Additionally, parents with more than one student can also merge their accounts so that all of their children’s information is available in one place with a single sign on.

SIS was piloted in nine schools across the District last year and has been very well received by both students and parents in those pilot schools, and now it’s available to every parent and student in the District.

Be sure to check your mail for a letter containing instructions on logging in and a PIN needed to create an account for the first time. If your student has registered after July 22, or if you do not receive the letter by the second week of school, please contact the Gateway Manager at your child’s school for assistance.

Information is available in English, Spanish, Creole and Portuguese.