Palm Beach County Parent, Volunteer, Employee Named President-Elect of Florida PTA

Jen MartinezPalm Beach County has gained an important ally at the state level – a longtime School District parent, volunteer, and employee who is now taking on the role of President-Elect for the Florida PTA.

Jen Martinez has volunteered with the School District for 20 years, with 14 of them on District committees. She is also an administrative assistant at Rolling Green Elementary, and was named President-Elect of the Florida PTA in July.

For the next two years, she will work alongside the Florida PTA President to prepare for her turn as the leader of the statewide organization. She will support the current president and board, as well as oversee the organization’s advocacy efforts.

“I was honored, because the members chose me,” Ms. Martinez said. “I look forward to leading the association into the future…transforming from parental involvement into parental engagement.”

She will spend more time in Tallahassee, meeting with leaders from the Florida Department of Education and the Governor’s office, to advocate on behalf of students and parents.

Ms. Martinez brings a unique point of view to her role, as she has served in multiple capacities: volunteer, parent, and District employee. “Working for the District allows me a different perspective when I’m speaking to parents,” Ms. Martinez said. “It allows me to showcase a bigger picture.”

In July 2020, Ms. Martinez will move into the President’s role. For now, she looks forward to the opportunity to learn about the job and support the Florida PTA to increase parent involvement and engagement throughout the state to benefit Florida’s students. “If we can get one more parent involved in a child’s education, all children will reap the benefits,” Ms. Martinez said.

Ms. Martinez lives in Lake Worth with her dedicated and supportive family – Moises, her husband of 25 years, and their four children Daniel, Michael, Jason, and Jackie. Her volunteer work and service to the PTA has earned her many honors, including Florida PTA Life Membership, Florida PTA History Walk of Fame, Florida PTA President’s Award of Honor, and the National PTA Life Achievement Award.

Ms. Martinez received the Volunteer of the Year award from the School District and was honored by the state. She was also honored by Target with the Community Service Award for her total volunteer hours and projects, and recognized as a Palm Beach Post Meet Your Neighbor for her advocacy efforts.