[Video]: Boca Raton HS Now Offering Pre-AP Courses to Prepare Students

Pre- AP ProgramThe idea of taking college-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses and tests is probably daunting to a high school student. Boca Raton High School now has a way to push students to the best of their abilities, and make the transition less intimidating by offering Pre-AP classes.

Boca High is one of only 100 schools worldwide this year to offer the Pre-AP classes, and students didn’t hesitate to register. In fact, 700 students at the school enrolled in Pre-AP classes in English, Science, and World History.

The Pre-AP classes build a foundation for the Advanced Placement classes that the students can take later at no charge to earn college credits, as long as they earn a qualifying score on the end-of-year national exam.

The District hopes to expand the Pre-AP class availability in schools across the District in the coming years, to foster students’ post-graduate success.