District Schools Creatively Showcase Acts of Kindness

In response to a call from Superintendent Donald E. Fennoy II asking schools to share their acts of kindness, kindergarten students at Elbridge Gale Elementary School created “Gatorgrams”, which are brief anecdotes posted in their classroom describing instances in which they were kind to someone, or when someone was kind to them.

Additionally, a group of second graders at Del Prado Elementary School held a fundraiser to create a dynamic art installation called The Good Panther Project, inspired by their school mascot, the Florida Panther.

The students raise funds to purchase a life-size panther statue that they will paint, with the help of a visiting community artist. The school chose an art theme this year called All For Love and Love for All, as a way to honor the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

“It feels so good to display this public art installation where the entire community can enjoy it and reflect on how to be kind, show love, and say no to bullying”, said Melissa Pierce, a teacher at Del Prado. “The satisfaction we get from making others smile through our art displays gives us lots of good feelings, and models giving back.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School has been implementing Conscious Discipline in order to build Social Emotional Learning skills that promote safety, connection, and problem-solving among all students and staff. On a regular basis, the school employs certain activities that foster a positive atmosphere, such as:

• Students greeting students every morning
• Class meetings to encourage conflict resolution skills and create consensus on how to handle issues with peers.
• Kindness trees in classrooms.
• Messages during the morning announcements that promote unity and connection.

Drawing by a student.

A “Gatorgram” by a student