Vendor / Suppliers - Small, Minority and Women-Owned

Congratulations to The School District of Palm Beach County's Office of Diversity in Business Practices! The department was the winner of the 2019 Local Corporation of the Year Award presented by the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council. The ODBP seeks to provide all small-minority and women-owned businesses an equal and fair opportunity to participate in procurement and contracting opportunities sponsored by the school district with its Small Business Enterprise (SBE's) and Minority/Women-Owned (M/WBEs) certification program. The vision of the ODBP is to create a culture of diversity and inclusion in which employees, vendors/suppliers and external partners feel heard and feel valued for their unique contributions. With multi-tiered community outreach programs and collaboration with various departments and executive leadership in place, small, minority and women-owned businesses are afforded an equal and fair opportunity to share in the district's contract opportunities for procurement and contracting.

Small Business University 2019 was a huge success. The Office of Diversity in Business Practices partnered with Kaufman Lynn to provide 11 weeks of targeted training for Small Businesses. Students received education on various topics such as: Marketing, Sales, Legality of Contract Language, Branding, Certification, Bid Proposals,  Bonding, and Insurance, etc  . Please view the short video below that captures the impact the program had on attendees. 

The School District of Palm Beach County