About the Graphs

In order to get a better picture of school performance, both achievement level and growth need to be analyzed. Achievement level measures how high or low students perform; growth measures whether students tend to make more or less than one year's growth each year. Understanding both is important.

NScatterPlot Quadrants-1



Quadrant Key
Elementary ELA
Elementary ELA Tables
Middle School ELA
Middle School ELA Tables
High School ELA
High School ELA Tables
Elementary Math
Elementary Math Tables
Middle School Math
Middle School Math Tables
High School Algebra
High School Algebra Tables
G&A History in ELA (EL)
G&A History in ELA (MS)
G&A HIstory in ELA (HS)
G&A History in Math (EL)
G&A History in Math (MS)
Note: Motion graph rounding may result in some changes of > 2% (.02). Schools with greater than two (2) years or less than two years (-2) PYG do not appear on these quadrant scatter plots.