VPK Enrollment Process:


1)      Can my child attend VPK?

To be eligible, your child must be at least four years old by September 1 of the school year they are applying to attend, and must have a valid Florida State VPK Certificate.  (The original VPK Certificate must be  issued for Palm Beach County; see section 2 below.)

a. If your child was born between February 2, 2013 - February 1, 2014, he or she may be eligible for the 2018-19 school year.

b. If your child was born between February 2, 2014 - September 1, 2014, he or she may be eligible for either the 2018-2019 school year or 2019-20 school year.


 Date of Birth  

School Year



School Year



9/2/12 thru 2/1/13


Not Eligible Not Eligible

2/2/13 thru 2/1/14


Eligible Not Eligible
2/2/14 thru 9/1/14*

*Children born between these dates may choose either year to attend, but may not attend both.

Eligible Eligible



2)      How do I obtain a VPK Certificate of Eligibility?

You may apply for a VPK Certificate through the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County.  Click here to start an account and apply for a VPK certificate online: https://familyservices.floridaearlylearning.com/Account/Login



3)      Where can my child attend?     

a. The VPK certificate can be used to pay for the three designated daily hours of VPK programming at a public or private provider.

b. First, locate your neighborhood zoned elementary school, click this link: (Find my school)

c. Next, determine if your local School District of Palm Beach County elementary school has a VPK program, see the list of VPK programs at the bottom of our home page. (Click here to return to the Home Page.)

d. If your local elementary school does offer VPK, call that school directly to inquire about available seats and enrollment dates. (Telephone numbers available on the school website and on the district home page: https://www.palmbeachschools.org/

e. If your local elementary does NOT have a VPK program, or does not have space, you may call the Department of Early Childhood Education to discuss alternative options at (561) 434-8720.



4)      I’ve found a seat!  Now what?

Bring to your school the following documents* to register:

  1. Original VPK Certificate (click this link for directions on obtaining a VPK certificate)
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate
  3.  Two proofs of address (such as utility bill or lease or mortgage)
  4. Original health exam form (obtained from child’s pediatrician)
  5. Original vaccination record (obtain from child’s pediatrician)
  6. Some schools may require additional documentation; discuss this with the school’s data processor.

*NOTE: Parents must have the entire completed package of documents listed above in order to register their child.



5)     Celebrate your child’s excitement about going to school!

Check out the parent resources section of this website: https://www.palmbeachschools.org/earlychildhood/vpk_resources/