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K. E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary
37000 Main St., Canal Point

(561) 924-9800

Pahokee Elementary
560 East Main Place, Pahokee

(561) 924-9700

Pahokee High
900 Larrimore Rd., Pahokee

(561) 924-6400

Pioneer Park Elementary
39500 Pioneer Park Rd., Belle Glade

(561) 993-8600

MigrantBoyLOGOThe School District’s Migrant PreK education program is offered through federal funding under the authority of Title I. The School District’s Migrant PreK program provides eligible migrant children who are age eligible with a 10-hour day early learning experience. To help fund the extended day, enrolled children who turn four years old by September 1 of the school year are requested to obtain and use a VPK Certificate of Eligibility.

PreK Migratory Child Eligibility Requirements:

  • The child is between three and five years of age.
  • The child has a parent or guardian who is a migrant agricultural worker or migrant fisher.
  • The child has moved within the preceding 36 months to enable the child’s parent or guardian to seek or obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing work.
  • The child has moved from one district to the other.

Classrooms offering the program are located at the schools listed in the pink column on the left-hand side of this page and at select schools with reserved seats. The program is offered in a partnership that includes Federal & State Programs, Early Childhood Education, and Choice and Career Options departments.

Migrant PreK teaching teams are comprised of certified, degreed or credentialed teachers and practitioners. Programs use the DLM Early Childhood Express curriculum, which is supported by ongoing child progress monitoring tools to ensure students master the VPK Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four Years Old to Kindergarten (2017). All classrooms use the Conscious Discipline framework to promote the development of self-regulation and other social/emotional skills in children.

To help ensure quality, all schools offering the Migrant PreK program participate in the countywide early education continuous improvement program called Strong Minds Network, which is funded by the Children's Services Council and administered by a community leadership consortium.

To enroll, contact the schools listed in the column on the left or contact:
Belle Glade Migrant Office
(561) 996-4909