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Financial Fitness for Life - Parent's Guide - Comprehensive resource that helps parents lead kids K-12 through all of the important aspects of personal finance.

Financial Fables - Kansas City Fed - Online, quick, interactive stories that can be read individually or aloud that combine reading, economics, and personal finance to teach useful financial management skills.

Bank it - Financial literacy program for parents and teens with real-world financial topics that provides workshop guides for parents and elementary aged kids or teens.

The Mint - Includes valuable information about how to talk to your kids about money and tips on how teach children good financial habits including giving an allowance, writing checks, and saving.

Pocket Cents - My Credit Union - Financial literacy resources that provide articles, charts and graphics, and tips for youth, teen, young adults, and above.

For Me, For You, For Later: First Steps to Spending, Sharing, and Saving - The Muppets teach young children about spending, saving, and giving in Sesame Street's "For Me, For You, For Later" videos with printable activities, including a parents guide.

Hands on Banking - Wells Fargo - Includes both online and print financial courses that include instructor guides with lessons and activities for children, as well as other financial literacy resources.

Ask Carrie - Schwab MoneyWise - Weekly personal finance column with practical family financial advice.

Yes You Can - American Century Investments - Offers a full curriculum, newsletters and tools to help parents and educators teach young people how to build financial independence.

Shop Sleuth Budgeting Guide - Provides a “Budgeting Guide for Kids and Teens” that has multiple online resources, games, and simulations on learning how to budget.

Financial Entertainment - A library of online and mobile games that aim to improve personal financial capability, self-confidence, and knowledge.

Wise Pockets - Interactive site designed for kids and parents that assists in learning about managing money, including important tips on how to communicate with children about finances.

American Consumer Credit Counseling Parent's Guide - A parent’s guide to teaching children about money to help youth of all ages understand the basics of money management issues including saving, credit, and the value of a dollar.

Financial Planning Association - Kids and Money: A Guide for Parents 

6 Steps to Raising Financially Responsible Children - Site outlines 6 steps to promote financial literacy in your children, including addressing family culture surrounding money, cash flow, goals, saving and investing, credit and debt, and financial planning. Must sign-up or use password 'AbundanceNow'.

Financial Literacy Books for Parents - Books sorted by grade level, from preschool to Grade 12, for teaching financial literacy to children.

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