Elementary Mathematics Team

The School District of Palm Beach County's Elementary Mathematics Team is committed to excellence in mathematics education through the use of activities and real life learning experiences, to prepare our students with the foundational skills necessary for productive employment and life.

math Mickey Banek
K-5 Mathematics Program Planner
Phone #: (561) 357-1126
(PX 21126)
Math4 Susanna Vondeck Strickland
K-5 Mathematics Specialists
Phone #: (561) 434-8868
(PX 48868)
mmkids Maquissia Garcon
K-5 Mathematics Specialists
Phone #: (561) 434-8518
(PX 48518)
SmartyPantsBee Christine Percy
K-5 Mathematics Resource Teachers
Phone #: (561) 434-8280
(PX 48280)
MathBoy Jennifer Hataway
K-5 Mathematics Resource Teacher
Phone #: (561) 434-8833
(PX 48833)