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Environmental and Conservation Services (ECS) is one of five departments under Facilities Management. ECS is responsible for the District's compliance with all environmental regulations and for providing assistance to schools and departments dealing with environmental and health-related issues. ECS acts as a regulator, educator and consultant. In addition, the District's School Sustainability initiative is led by ECS and provides resources to schools and departments interested in waste reduction & recycling, energy & water conservation, and other green practices that create a healthy school environment.

ECS is responsible for a wide variety of environmental programs and initiatives.

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Natural Resource Management Natural Resource  Management

Asbestos & Demolitions Asbestos & Demolitions

What's new @ ECS?

May is Asthma Awareness Month - Throughout the month of  May 2017, Environmental & Conservation Services collaborated with the Department of Safe Schools - School Health Services to promote Asthma Awareness.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Energy & Utilities - As of July 1, 2016, Energy and Utilities   information can be found on the Maintenance & Plant Operations website

Electronic Waste - Find out more about the District's new Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling program for schools and departments 

Green Schools New recycling posters are available! Place your order online at Recycling Poster Order Form

Sustainability - Check out the District's Sustainability Newsletter here: Green Scene Archives



Team ECS

Director's Corner

Paul Strauss is the Director of the Environmental & Conservation Services Department. He has held the Director's position since 2012, but has worked for the School District of Palm Beach County for 27 years


Vision Statement

Environmental & Conservation Services will provide its customers with the expertise needed to create and maintain healthy, sustainable learning and working environments.

Mission Statement

Environmental & Conservation Services is committed to providing all stakeholders with effective and efficient solutions to meet their environmental challenges while responding promptly and thoroughly, as a means of supporting District achievement and promoting environmental stewardship.