Environmental Site Assessments


Prior to purchasing a piece of property, ECS conducts a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM Standard E 1527 (also known as a Pre-Purchase Audit), to identify any potential or recognized environmental conditions on a property. Existing and past uses of the property including chemical use and storage, storage tanks and waste disposal are also investigated along with many other health and safety environmental conditions. Surrounding properties are also investigated to identify any potential contamination that may have impacted the property of interest as well as any potential environmental threats such as air pollution and bulk hazardous material storage. If there are no recognized environmental conditions identified then ECS reports to the Real Estate Department that no further investigation is recommended.

When a property already owned by the District is going to have a LEED accredited school built on it a Phase I ESA must also be conducted to meet the USGBC Sustainable Site Prerequisite number 2. If there are no recognized environmental conditions identified then ECS reports to Program Management that no further investigation is recommended and provides them with a copy of the report.

When recognized environmental conditions are identified, an environmental consultant is hired to perform a Phase II ESA where soil and groundwater sampling is conducted based on the findings of the Phase I ESA. The results of these tests tell us whether a property is contaminated. Based on the results of the Phase II the ECS will recommend whether further investigation is warranted, or the potential cost of cleaning up the property is cost prohibitive.