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Green Grants

Green Grants was a pilot program implemented during the 2016-2017 school year. The goal of the program was to provide classroom mini-grants to schools that needed funding for “green” themed projects, specifically recycling. Through this program, a total of seven schools received $200 mini-grants, with an overall Green Grants budget of $1,400. The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County sponsored the project with $1,000 and the remaining classroom grants were funded through a recycling rebate program set up by the Environmental and Conservation Services Department.

Below is a summary of the school projects that were funded through Green Grants:


As a result of the funds provided by Green Grants, schools were able to increase recycling rates, improve student participation in recycling activities and add new options to sort recyclables. Further, participating schools encouraged student involvement in creating videos, posters and other deliverables to promote their recycling programs; from this, students were able to practice leadership skills while contributing to the development of a school-wide culture of environmental awareness.

2016-2017 Projects Funded by Green Grants