Hazardous and Industrial Waste

Many people may be surprised by the fact that the District generates hazardous and industrial waste, just like any other business or government agency.  Many different types of wastes are generated by our district such as used oil and solvents from transportation facilities, unused or expired chemicals from our chemistry labs and fluorescent light bulbs containing mercury.

One of the ECS’s primary goals is waste minimization by encouraging schools and different programs/facilities to reduce the amount of materials they purchase and to reuse materials on site where possible. If not possible, then ECS always tries to find another district use for these materials or will donate them to a charitable organization.  When all else fails and these materials become wastes, ECS ensures they are disposed of in accordance with environmental laws

How does a school or District facility 

handle these wastes?

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

  • Contact AERC at (321) 952-1516 when you have accumulated 10 boxes of used bulbs
  • Don't have enough room?  Call ECS at PX 45154
  • Store in a dry place in the original box they came in if possible.
  • Label with Universal Waste Label. Provided by AERC or ECS. Fill in schools name and accumulation start date.
  • For more information click here to refer to Bulletin PD-15-028 COO



Light Ballasts

  • Call ECS at PX 45154 and we will provide milk crates to storage and transportation
  • DO NOT fill crates past the handles full crates weigh approximately 90 lbs
  • Wires should be removed from the ballasts for disposal
  • Place crates in a convenient place for pickup

Hazardous Waste/Universal Waste

  • Call ECS at PX 45154 for pickup
  • ECS will schedule profiling and pickup
  • General Contractors (GCs) are responsible for removal and proper disposal
  • DO NOT throw chemicals in the trash



Paint and Paint Related Materials

  • DO NOT throw paints away in trash can!
  • Call ECS at PX 45154 paint pick up after checking with you Facility Maintenance Coordinator
  • Oil based paints are considered a hazardous waste due to flammability
  • Some paints contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium



Emergency Spill Response


Call ECS at 684-5142 for Immediate Response




If the emergency occurs after 3:30 call School Police at 434-8300. All spill notifications will be made by ECS.  Contractors are responsible for responding to spills involving materials they have brought on to school properties.

Unwantedlabchemicals_000Unwanted Laboratory Chemicals






Contact ECS at PX 45154 if you have any chemicals you no longer want or use. Provide a list of what you have and how much and we will find a new home for them or dispose of them using our hazardous waste contractor.

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