Indoor Air Quality

The District has a comprehensive, national award-winning program for maintaining and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) conditions in school centers and support facilities. The program includes site assessments and remediation projects to address IAQ concerns and damage conditions. ECS also provides proactive IAQ evaluations for new construction projects and selected existing facilities with the goal of early identification and prevention of IAQ problems.



Air handler management

Classroom air supply systems are critical to the classroom environment. It is important that air systems are not manually turned on or off and return grills are not blocked.


Report water intrusion promptly

Mopping up water before it wicks up the wall is critical to prevent the proliferation of mold in building materials.





Insect frass

Droppings from insects and rodents can trigger an allergic reaction.  Maintain a clean classroom that doesn't attract these pests.


Cleaning supplies

Use only approved cleaners properly mixed in the classroom.  Custodians can provide these products to you in an individual spray container.




Perfume and air fresheners could be upper respiratory irritant

Perfumes and air fresheners may be serious upper respiratory irritants. (See related information on asthma)



Irrigation management

Sprinklers are adjusted to direct the water spray away from the building.  Constant wetting of building materials will encourage mold to grow.





Featured Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Odor Complaints
  • Water Damage
  • Suspect Mold
  • Rodents and other Pests
  • Stained Ceiling Tiles
  • Temperature and Humidity

Reporting an Indoor Air Quality Issue

Following discovery of an Indoor Air Quality issue a Complaint form is generated to document the nature of the complaint and its location. An Environmental Specialist will investigate the Complaint and make recommendations for a resolution.


Relevant Documents

Indoor Air Quality Policy (Board Policy 7.195)

Tobacco Free Policy (Board Policy 7.19)

Animals on District Property Policy (Board Policy 7.24)

Indoor Air Quality Tips For Teachers

General Indoor Air Quality Recommendations