The ECS Department is responsible for supporting and helping to enforce the following School Board policies and procedures:

Tobacco Free Environment (Policy 7.19) :: The purpose of this policy is to establish that the District maintains a tobacco-free environment, to provide for notification to the District employees, students and the public; and to provide an effective date of the policy.

Indoor Air Quality (Policy 7.195) :: This policy lays out best practices for achieving the highest possible indoor air quality for all users of its school buildings and other facilities, as it recognizes that a healthy indoor environment provides a positive learning environment for students and a positive working environment for employees.

Energy & Water Use Conservation (Policy 7.196) ::This policy provides guidelines for resource conservation in the areas of building construction, maintenance, and operation, as well as vehicles in the District’s fleet.

Energy Conservation Incentive Program (Policy 7.1965) :: This policy provides for a monetary incentive for schools that reduce their overall energy consumption on a yearly basis; one of the eligibility requirements is that the school participate in the Green Schools Recognition Program.

Waste Reduction, Materials Reuse & Recycling(Policy 7.197) :: This policy establishes guidelines for the implementation of a District-wide waste reduction, materials reuse, and recycling program; this Policy is designed to underscore the importance of resource conservation.

Animals on District Property (Policy 7.24) :: This policy establishes the proper procedures for keeping live animals in classrooms for educational purposes, recognizing that animals can provide educational benefits to students under certain circumstances, but also recognizing that live animals may pose a risk to the safety and health of students and staff at district facilities.