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Court Education Liaison Program

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"Keeping children in school and out of the court system" ~ FCC

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The Mission

To nurture the development of socially appropriate, productive, self-sufficient students in a supportive educational environment committed to excellence in all endeavors.

The Goals

  • To improve students’ academic and social skills
  • To improve graduation rates
  • To transition students to the most appropriate school setting


“Lighting a Pathway to Success”



Dr. Geoff McKee, Instructional Superintendent
Support Services

Cheletia Morgan, Assistant to Dr. Geoff McKee
Support Services
561-434 - 8046 Office
561- 434-             Fax

Dr. Angela Bess, Program Manager
Support Services: School - Justice Programs
561-366-6171 Office
561-366-6115 Fax

Mrs. Shanda Garvin-Shaw, Manager
Alt. Ed Placement Compliance
561-681-3764 Office

Mr. Marcus Caver, Manager
561-434-8031 Office

Mr. John Nealy, Assistant Principal
Palm Beach Juvenile Correctional Facility

Palm Beach County Jail
561-868-5391 (PBJ)
561-688-3000 ext. 2372 (jail)

Mrs. Sheila Harvey-Lawrence,  Assistant Principal
Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Detention Center
Highridge, Kelly Center, and PACE Center for Girls
561- 494- 0015 (HR)
561-357-5945 (DC) 



Revised  8/30/2017