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Document Camera Support

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Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ's

AVer & Lumens Quick Start Guides

AVer Document Camera Troubleshooting Guide

AVer F50 Quick Guide

Lumens DC162 Quick Start Guide

Lumens DC166 Quick Start Guide

AVer F50 Teacher Resources

AVer SDPBC Training Videos

AVer F50 User Guide

AVer F50 Lesson Plans

NEW -- Sphere 2 LANDesk Portal Manager Self Installation Process (November 2015)

The initial LANDesk Portal Manager self installation of Sphere 2 requires a computer reboot (after 20 seconds) to add the Microsoft Office plug-in.  Once installed, a tab for the AVer document camera will appear on the ribbon for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

NOTE: Audio recording using the Sphere 2 software with a teacher desktop requires an external microphone attached to the computer.

-- Low Cost 3.5mmi Option:

    • Califone AX-12 Desktop Computer Microphone, 7 foot cable, 8.5 inch gooseneck, 3.5mm standard plug
    • Contact Smiley's Audio-Visual, Inc., 1-800-282-3497

-- Low Cost USB Option:

    • Cyber Acoustics USB Microphone, USB (CVL-1084)
    • Contact GovConnection

Lumens DC162 & DC166 Teacher Resources


Lumens DC162 User Manual

Lumens DC162 Ladibug PC 1.0 Software (For School Tech Install Only)

Lumens DC162 Ladibug PC User Manual

NOTE: Software can only be installed on a District computer locally by your ITSA/STST/Tech Coordinator.


Lumens DC166 User Manual

Lumens DC166 Ladibug PC 2.0 Software (For School Tech Install Only)

Lumens DC166 Ladibug PC 2.0 User Manual

NOTE: Software can only be installed on a District computer locally by your ITSA/STST/Tech Coordinator.

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Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

Introduced in 2006, the TIM Tools were developed at the University of South Florida in cooperation with the FDOE and Florida school districts, and has been used in classrooms around the world to describe technology integration rooted in an understanding of pedagogy and the characteristics of meaningful learning. The TIM Tools can assist districts to plan, implement and evaluate school technology initiatives.

Link to website: Technology Integration Matrix

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Repair & Warranty Information

AVer document cameras have a five (5) year "bumper-to-bumper" (all-inclusive) warranty with free 2-way RMA shipping and 5-year worry-free standard advanced replacement program. AVer will ship a replacement system, before you ship back the defective unit.

AVer toll-free customer service line hotline: 1-877-528-7824.

For RMA information go to:

Lumens document cameras listed above have a five (5) year warranty from the date of purchase. Please complete the Service Request Form below (see link) and put "Palm Beach County School District" in the request.  Lumens offers free shipping for these devices.   Please call Lumens support to see if your document camera is still under warranty prior to completing the Service Request Form below.

Lumens toll-free customer service line hotline: 1-866-600-0988 (8am - 5pm (PST), Monday - Friday)

Click on this link for the Service Request Form.

Click on this link for the Lumens Warranty PDF.

Current District Classroom Technology Standards

  • AVer F50HD (standard classroom)
  • AVer PL50 (science classroom)

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Purchasing Document Cameras

Please refer to the SDPBC Purchasing Department's web site for information on document cameras.

For AVer document camera purchasing information go to:

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Vendor Contact Information

Email Address

 Vendor: Camcor

 Donna Solomon

 800-868-2462 ext. 301

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