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Current District Classroom Technology Standards

LCD Projectors

  • Epson 955w (standard classroom)
  • Epson 485wi (wall mounted ultra-short-throw)
  • Epson D6155w (media center & high school cafeteria)
  • Epson 4750w (cafetorium)

Document Cameras

  • AVer F50HD (standard classroom)
  • AVer PL50 (science classroom)

Sound Field Enhancement

  • Audio Enhancement Ultimate II
  • Audio Enhancement Ultimate III

Interactive Whiteboard & Student Response Systems

  • eInstruction Mobi View
  • eInstruction CPS Pulse
  • eInstruction Insight 360


  • Da-Lite DAL 40194 (60" x 80" Model B Matte White 4:3 format) -- for standard classroom
  • Da-Lite DAL 70305 (72.5" x 116" Model C Matte White 16:10 format) -- for large room or media center

Extended Monitor Adapters (for teacher desktop computer)

  • C2G 6205082 2-port UXGA Monitor Splitter/Extender (for Dell GX755 desktop computers and older)
    • Requires one (1) Male to Female SVGA cable (for splitter to PC)
    • Requires two (2) Male to Male SVGA cables (for splitter to monitor and document camera)
  • C2G 9200316 DisplayPort (M) to DVI (F) 8" Dongle (for Dell GX760 - GX990 models)
    • Requires monitor with Female DVI port
  • C2G 15683094 HDMI to DVI Adapter (for Dell GX3010 desktop computers)
    • Requires monitor with Female DVI port


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Repair & Warranty Information

Please follow the directions below for repair of LCD projectors, document cameras, and sound field enhancement devices.  Older classroom technologies, i.e., LCD projectors and document cameras, not listed below were replaced in FY15 and are no longer be supported by the District.


LCD Projectors
Document Cameras
Sound Field Enhancement
Epson 83C Lumens DC162 Audio Enhancement Ultimate II
Epson 83+ Lumens DC166 Audio Enhancement Ultimate III
Epson 821 Lumens PS600
Epson 822 Lumens PS650
Epson 84 Lumens PS660
Epson 84+ Lumens DC190
Epson 85 Lumens PS750
Epson PL95 AVer F50
Epson 485 AVer PL50
Epson 915
Epson 6100
Epson 1810
Epson 1825
Epson 6110
Epson 6155
Epson 4200
Epson 935
Epson 955
Epson 6155
Epson 4750
Panasonic PT-LB60NTU
Panasonic PT-LB80NT



LCD Projectors


Please place an eSupport work order to have the department of Information Technology check for current warranty status and provide repair/replacement options.


Replacement LCD Projector Bulbs


Replacement bulbs for District supported LCD projectors listed above are provided by the department of Educational Technology at no cost to a school.  Please place an eSupport work order to receive a new bulb.  Once the new bulb is received, the old non-working bulb must be returned to IT for proper disposal because LCD projector bulbs are considered a hazardous material.


Document Cameras


Lumens document cameras listed above have a five (5) year warranty from the date of purchase. Please complete the Service Request Form below (see link) and put "Palm Beach County School District" in the request.  Lumens offers free shipping for these devices.

Lumens toll-free customer service line hotline: 1-866-600-0988 (8am - 5pm (PST), Monday - Friday)

Click on this link for the Service Request Form.

Click on this link for the Lumens Warranty PDF.

AVer document cameras have a five (5) year "bumper-to-bumper" (all-inclusive) warranty with free 2-way RMA shipping and 5-year worry-free standard advanced replacement program. AVer will ship a replacement system, before you ship back the defective unit.

AVer toll-free customer service line hotline: 1-877-528-7824.

For more information go to:


Sound Field Enhancement



Audio Enhancement offers a five (5) year limited manufacturer's warranty against malfunction due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on the teardrop microphone, handheld microphone, receiver/amplifier systems, the external infrared sensors, radio frequency microphones, radio frequency receivers, power supplies and speakers. Optional accessories are warranted under the same terms for a period of one (1) year.  The "AA" NiMH Batteries supplied by Audio Enhancement carry a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase. For more information go to:  For warranty submissions, submit a ticket at  
In FY18 as part of the Referendum projects Audio Enhancement systems were upgraded.  All Ultimate I amplifiers, receivers and microphones were upgraded to the new CA-60 amplifier with radio frequency microphones and receivers.  This greatly enhanced the sound quality and reliability of transmission of the teacher's voice. Older (large) microphones and broken microphones were upgrade or replaced to the micro-teardrop infrared microphones.  All media centers received upgrades based on their sound systems to insure they were all operating with radio frequency microphones.  



Purchasing New LCD Projectors and/or Document Cameras


Please refer to the SDPBC Purchasing Department's web site for information on LCD projectors and document cameras.


Purchasing Replacement VGA Cables


The following VGA cables are approved for purchase when replacing ceiling mounted and ultra-short-throw installations:

    • C2G RapidRun Multi-Format Runner (35 foot)
    • C2G RapidRun Multi-Format Runner (50 foot)
    • C2G RapidRun Multi-Format Flying Lead HD15 (VGA) Male  (Note: two flying leads are needed for each RapidRun Runner)

NOTE: RapidRun cables require two (2) Flying Lead ends for each Multi-Format Runner.

Please contact GovConnection to purchase C2G (formerly Cables To Go) RapidRun cables.

For more information go to:


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Vendor Contact Information

Email Address



 Vendor: Audio Enhancement

 Erika Gustavsson


 Vendor: CCS Presentation Systems

 Cynthia Miller

 904-998-7227 ext. 207

 Vendor: Camcor

 Donna Solomon

 800-868-2462 ext. 301

 Vendor: AVI-SPL

 Dena Jones

 800-282-6733 ext. 2939

 Vendor: eInstruction by TT

 Billy Jack Garren



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