Pearson TestGen

Training Videos

Several videos are available from Pearson, demonstrating how to use TestGen.

Selecting Your Testbanks

The first time you launch Pearson TestGen, you will be asked if you want to search your computer's hard drive for test banks; click No (the testbanks are on the server, not on your computer).

Then, after TestGen is open, click File > Add Testbank to Library. Select the appropriate testbank and then click open. Repeat as necessary to add additional banks to your profile.

Further documentation can be found on Pearson's support site.


At present, Pearson TestGen is only licensed for select High School courses (see list below).

If the teacher edition of your textbook comes with Pearson TestGen, then you are licensed to use the Pearson TestGen for the class where the textbook is used. If your text comes with ExamView instead, then you may want to view the ExamView support site.

Pearson TestGen Support

Educational Technology Contact


Mike Goldstein

PX 47324

Teachers, please consult your ITSA, STST, or Technology Coordinator for installation of Pearson TestGen in your computer lab or classroom. The School District of Palm Beach County does not provide support for Pearson's QuizMaster application.